Monday, February 2, 2015

Tomatoes the Size of Peas?

You've heard of cherry tomatoes and grape tomatoes, put pea tomatoes? I don't think so. My tomato plants are still producing fruit, so I'm letting them go even though it's February and I have my new seedlings for this year's crop already started. I figure I'll pull them out sometime in March. I planted some regular sized tomatoes and some grape tomatoes. In the middle of January we had a cold snap (nothing like back east) and several of my grape tomatoes that had started to grow, stopped. When the weather warmed up again, they got ripe, but look how small they are!

 And yes, that's a pea next to it. I ate it - it tasted great. The ones that are growing now are regular size - about the size of a grape.

For those of you in the winter storms - stay warm. Kandi